SoPo Unite is part of the federally funded Drug-Free Communities (DFC) Support Program. The Coalition works to create and sustain a safe, just, and healthy community to prevent youth substance use. The Coalition is made up of key stakeholders in South Portland, as shown below.

The Coalition meets monthly at the South Portland Community Center and it's three areas of focus include preventing youth alcohol, marijuana and tobacco use.

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SoPo Unite's Subcommittees (listed below) meet on an ad hoc basis. If you are interested in getting involved, please visit the Get Involved/Contact Us tab.

Student Voice and Engagement: This group is comprised of South Portland High School students with an interest in connecting directly with middle school students though educational presentations and facilitated dialogues to promote healthy choices. The group is working on creating public service announcements and other prevention outreach activities with their peers and younger students.

Parents/ “Build A Village”: This group brings together representatives from different neighborhoods and cultures within South Portland to address parent and community norms regarding youth substance use.

School Policy/Restorative Practice: This group is comprised of key stakeholders in South Portland schools and broader community to review and revise the school substance use policies to shift towards a restorative approach.

Communications: This group focuses on best ways to communicate substance use prevention messages throughout the entire South Portland community (social media, PSAs, print, etc.)

Ordinances/Laws: This group focuses on best practices in laws and ordinances regarding youth substance use and keeps track of current trends and issues in the community.

IMG_20170623_110621.jpg                  SoPoUnite-Logo_CMYK.jpg

In January of 2017, SoPo Unite held a logo contest open to middle and high school students! There were many submissions, but the Youth Subcommittee and the Coalition voted for their favorite. The winners were Lydia Henderson and Maeve Kelley. Lydia is headed to Bentley College in the fall of 2018 and Maeve will be a senior at South Portland High School in September 2017. The original logo and the media ready version can be found above. Look for the logo throughout South Portland!