Winter Plow Operations / Snow Removal

During the cold weather months, our work focuses heavily on snow removal.  Undertaking a job of this scale requires the cooperation of all of our residents.  Please help us help you by moving your parked vehicle out of the way when your street requires plowing.   

When snow begins to fall, we monitor conditions throughout the city and treat busy arterial and collector streets, working around the clock to keep them safe and passable. As the snow amounts start to accumulate we transition to full plow operations, in general when snow depth reaches 3”.  Our work continues after the storm ends with snow removal and sanding/salting as needed.

For a comprehensive look at our winter operations, and further information on how you can help us during these tough Maine winters, please download our Winter Operations brochure.


Plow Damage

Our street and sidewalk plow operators make every effort to prevent damage to curbing, lawns and property; despite our best intentions, occasionally such damage may occur.   Public Works devotes time each spring to plow damage repair such as loaming and seeding lawns and esplanades, and curbing repair.  Once the snow melts, if you determine your property has sustained damage from a city plow, please call us to be placed on the repair list. 

If the damage involves property other than mentioned above, please call our office as soon as possible to report the incident.  Additional information about plow damage specifically addressing the placement of fences and mailboxes can be found here.