On August 7, 2018, the City Council created the ad-hoc Skate Park Advisory Committee (ORDER #28-18/19).  The members were appointed on August 21, 2018.   

This committee is tasked with obtaining feedback to help find a suitable skatepark location, designing the skatepark and creating a funding plan for constructing the skatepark.   The committee is tasked with presenting their design and location plan and recommendations to the City Council no later than August 7, 2019. 

The members and agendas/minutes of the committee are posted below. 


Kirsten McWilliams - District One (Morgan - District One)
Cybil Kipp - District One (Lewis - District Two)
Cyril (Jack) Gundling - District Three (Rose - District Three)
Darrell Rogers - District Four (Cohen - District Four)
Jeff Woodbury - District Five (Dowling - District Five)
Lucas Brown - District Three - (Beecher - At Large)
Michelle Danois - District Two (Henderson - At Large)

Kate Lewis - City Councilor Representative
Anthony Johnson, Parks & Rec Department - City Staff Representative
Tom Long, owner of Long's Board Shop - Non-Voting Member

Skate Park Committee

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Structure of Meetings.pdf 10/22/2018 384.88 KB
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Meeting Agenda 9-24-18.pdf 10/18/2018 57.73 KB
Meeting Agenda 9-19-18.pdf 9/4/2018 59.11 KB
11 - ORDER #32 (Appointing Members to Skate Park Committee).pdf 8/22/2018 905.86 KB