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Public Hearing notices are posted a week before the meeting at City Hall, the Planning Department office, the Public Library, the Community Center, and on this web site.

  Public Hearings

Commercial Warehouse-16 Bowdoin Ave

Parking Area-23 Bowdoin Ave

Plasma Donation Center-264 Gorham Road

Light Industrial Building-35 Park Ave




Tentatively scheduled for the October 24, 2018 meeting:

1.)  Plasma Donation Center-Amended Site Plan-264 Gorham Rd.

2.)  Commercial Building-Site Plan-16 Bowdoin Ave

3.)  Parking Area-Site Plan-23 Bowdoin Ave

4.)  Light Manufacturing Building-Site Plan-35 Park Ave


       *Items scheduled on this page are tentative until the final agenda is posted the Friday prior to the meeting.

         Currently under staff review

1.)  South Portland Tower Replacement-Site Plan-77 Waterman Dr.

2.)  Accessory Dwelling Unit-30 Fern Lane

3.)  Accessory Dwelling Unit-48 Calais St.

4.)  Nonconforming Lot of Record-70 North Marriner St.