On July 28, 2020, the City Council created the ad-hoc Land Bank Revision Committee

The purpose of the ad hoc Open Space Land Bank Revision Committee (the “Committee”) shall be to present the City Council with proposed ordinance amendments relating to the Land Bank. The Committee should propose ordinance amendments that are designed to ensure that the Land Bank is sufficiently and appropriately funded and that allowable use of funds is in line with the vision and goals identified in the Open Space Plan. The Committee does not have the authority to commit City resources or to direct the work of City employees.

Unless its charge is extended by the City Council, the Committee shall be considered dissolved after its presentation of the proposed ordinance amendments at a meeting of the City Council.

Once members of the committee are appointed and begin to meet, all agendas and minutes of the committee will be posted here.  All meetings of the committee will be open to the public.


This committee is currently seeking members.    Interested residents should fill out an application. 

The Committee shall be comprised of seven (7) members, who shall serve until the Committee is dissolved. A quorum shall consist of four (4) voting members.

Members shall include:

Voting Members (5)

  • Patti Smith (Open Space Implementation Committee)

  • Sharon Newman (Open Space Implementation Committee)

  • Susan Hasson (South Portland Land Trust)

  • Jeff Ryan (South Portland Land Trust)

  • Peter Connell (South Portland Resident)


Non-Voting Members (2)

  • Greg L'Heureux - Representative from the Finance Department
  • Milan Nevajda - Representative from the Planning Department


Agendas & Minutes

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Land Bank Revision Committee

File Name Date Added File Size
Land Bank Ordinance - REDLINE_counselEDITS_02.09.2021.pdf 2/9/2021 364.10 KB
Land Bank Revision Agenda 02-11-21.pdf 1/29/2021 16.26 KB
Land Bank Documents - 01-15-2021.pdf 1/15/2021 985.28 KB
Land Bank Revision Agenda 01-28-21.pdf 1/14/2021 16.23 KB
Land Bank Revision Agenda 01-14-21.pdf 1/8/2021 11.48 KB
Land Bank Revision Agenda 12-03-20.pdf 11/30/2020 16.90 KB
Land Bank Revision Agenda 11-12-20.pdf 10/30/2020 16.90 KB
Land Bank Revision Agenda 11-05-20.pdf 10/30/2020 16.82 KB
Land Bank Revision Minutes 09-24-20.pdf 10/1/2020 13.00 KB
Land Bank Revision Agenda 09-24-20.pdf 9/18/2020 16.93 KB
Land Bank Revision Minutes 09-10-20.pdf 9/15/2020 10.59 KB
Land Bank Revision Agenda 09-10-20.pdf 9/15/2020 8.75 KB
ORDER - Creation of Ad Hoc Land Bank Revision Committee.pdf 7/29/2020 140.37 KB