Energy & Recycling Committee

The Energy & Recycling Committee meets the third Wednesday of the month at 6:00 P.M. at the Community Center.

The City of South Portland is increasingly challenged by competing demands for raising funding for new public infrastructure, providing quality services to residents and businesses, ensuring economic development, and protecting the environment. Good planning for maximizing recycling and energy efficiency, implemented on a community wide process, will provide options for saving on long term operating costs while protecting the environment through the reduction of greenhouse gases.

The purpose of the Energy and Recycling Committee is to assist the city in an advisory capacity by examining opportunities for local sustainability through renewable resources and alternative transportation and fuels and by making recommendations to the City Council on ways to improve energy efficiency in residential, commercial and municipal buildings within the city. Committee members will be expected to seek collaborative solutions that will provide the greatest benefit to the citizens and businesses of the city.

The Energy and Recycling Committee will review and advise on methods for the city to reduce its dependence on imported fossil fuels, increase recycling percentages, and reduce greenhouse gases and other adverse impacts on the environment.

The Committee will focus on increasing recycling efforts, energy conservation, renewable energy, and greening city operations through a variety of approaches including education, programs and studies, data analysis, ordinance modifications, and public/private collaborations.

Dual-Compartment Trucks

How do our dual-compartment trucks work? In the video below, you can see that, after the truck collects and empties the garbage cart, the separator on the inside of the truck flips over so the recycling cart's contents are dumped into another section of the truck.

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Single Stream Recycling Video

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