Benchmarking is a program in which owners of larger buildings disclose data about energy and water usage on an annual basis.  It is intended to enable more effective energy and climate protection planning by the City and others.  In addition, it helps building owners as well as prospective buyers and tenants better understand the performance of participating buildings over time.  Benchmarking is a market-based mechanism that results in greater energy and water use efficiency.

The Comprehensive Plan Implementation Committee has brought forward a proposed Benchmarking article to be added to the Zoning Ordinance.  It is a key recommendation of the Mill Creek Master Plan and was discussed as  part of the forums and hearings associated with the adoption of the Plan.  It also has been reviewed as part of a Planning Board public hearing and a City Council workshop.

The proposed benchmarking amendments would apply to 30 buildings in Mill Creek and are a complement to the liberalized zoning rules recently approved by the City Council as part of an effort to revitalize this downtown center for South Portland.

In response to input from the City Council, Planning Board, residents, and businesses, a number of revisions have been made to the original draft of the zoning amendments.  For the most part the changes are intended to reduce tenant responsibility for providing needed data.

The City's Council's final public hearing for this proposal will be on Wednesday, January 4, 2017, at 7:00 PM in the City Hall Council Chambers.

For more information, please contact Tex Haeuser,, or Julie Rosenbach,  

Thank you.


Benchmarking Background Files

File Name Date Added File Size
Memo to the City Council for the 12-19-16 First Reading.pdf 12/15/2016 368.08 KB
BenchmarkingPolicy1Pager_from_NEEP.pdf 12/15/2016 352.26 KB
12-13PlanningBoardPres1--NEEP.pdf 12/15/2016 1,438.56 KB
Memo to the Planning Board for the 12-13-16 Public Hearing.pdf 12/7/2016 374.67 KB
Mill Creek Energy and Water Use Benchmarking 12-5-16 Revised to Reduce Tenant Impacts and Incorporating Corp Counsel's Comments.pdf 12/5/2016 303.26 KB
Energy Water Use Benchmarking joint final presentation 10-12-16.pdf 12/5/2016 2,989.55 KB
NEEPBenchmarkingPres10-12-2016.pdf 12/5/2016 1,432.37 KB
Mill Creek Benchmarking FAQ--7-15-16.pdf 7/15/2016 278.16 KB
Cambridge Building Energy Use Disclosure Ordinance--OCR VERSION.pdf 6/21/2016 40.31 KB
Urjanet_Building Energy Disc Laws_ebook_3_Final.pdf 6/27/2016 2,189.20 KB
Mayor Murray lauds passage of new energy efficiency ordinance.pdf 6/21/2016 253.78 KB
US Buildings Benchmarking and Transparency Policies Map.jpg 6/21/2016 852.71 KB
Minneapolis Second Annual Benchmarking Report.pdf 6/21/2016 1,680.67 KB
Berkeley Benchmarking Ordinance.pdf 6/21/2016 305.95 KB
2014_Benchmarking_Report__12162014.pdf 6/21/2016 3,398.97 KB
BenchmarkingOrdinance11SEP2013.pdf 6/21/2016 265.51 KB
2014_nyc_ll84_benchmarking_report.pdf 6/21/2016 1,921.53 KB
Cambridge Building Energy Use Disclosure Ordinance Summary.pdf 6/21/2016 278.78 KB
BenchmarkDC_Final_Rulemaking.pdf 6/21/2016 63.60 KB
GRESB Sample-Benchmark-Report.pdf 6/21/2016 10,026.83 KB