Possible City Gateway Improvements at Mill Creek

A key recommendation of the Mill Creek Master Plan for incentivizing new private development or redevelopment in Mill Creek was for the City to make public investments in gateway and streetscape improvements in order to make this area--the City's traditional downtown--more inviting.

The Arts & Historic Preservation Committee has provided significant guidance to a team tasked with developing a plan for carrying out this recommendation (Harriman Associates, Sebago Technics, and City staff).  The Gateway Concepts document below shows what the team is bringing forward for consideration by the Committee, and, possibly, at a later date by the City Council.

Please note that the proposed gateways project does not include the bicycle/pedestrian bridge depicted in a number of the images but would fit with the bridge if it is built in the future.

We will provide more information about this project as it becomes available.  In the mean time, please contact Milan Nevajda, Planning Director, at mnevajda@southportland.org if you have any questions.

Mill Creek Gateway Improvements

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