The South Portland Historical Society was established in 1962. Originally known as the Cape Historical Society, and later the South Portland/Cape Elizabeth Historical Society, the organization changed its name to the South Portland Historical Society in 2003 to clarify its role as the historical society of the City of South Portland.

Throughout most of its history, the historical society was housed in various city properties, including the former Reynolds School, the former E Street School, the former Sawyer School Annex building and, up until the year 2009, a basement office in City Hall. In 2009, Portland Pipe Line Corporation donated the historic Cushing's Point House building on Madison Street and the Society had the building moved to a new location within Bug Light Park, on land provided by the City of South Portland.

South Portland Historical Society's Mission

The South Portland Historical Society is dedicated to collecting, preserving and exhibiting items of historical significance, providing local history educational programming to school children through seniors, and illustrating the significant role that South Portland has played within the broader context of Maine and American history.


Board of Directors                         


Larry Legere, president


Bob Blackwood, vice president/treasurer


Josie DiPhilippo, secretary


Joanne Langerman, collection manager 


Judy Arnold, at large


Leslie Barteaux, at large


Bill Dale, at large


Linda Eastman, at large


Margaret Hawkins, at large


Chuck Igo, at large


David Kahill, at large


Alan Livingston, at large


Emily Scully, at large


Donna Walker, at large



Kathryn Onos DiPhilippo, Executive Director

Seth Goldstein, Development Director/Museum Manager