ThinkBlueMaine: partnership of 28 regulated stormwater municipalities, nested regulated entities, Soil & Water Conservation Districts, State Planning Office, Maine DEP, and the University of Maine Cooperative Extension working together to meet permit requirements and to make Maine a better place to live.

 Don't Plug Your Pipes With Wipes - has more information including two video ads of the zany game show "What the Flush?!?" to learn what to (and what not to) flush. The site also has links to learn more about the non-flushable products (wipes, paper towels, napkins, facial tissue and femine hygiene products) and what's being done to help prevent damage to home plumbing, septic systems and public sewer systems Stormwater: vehicle and pleasure craft washing

Don't Flush That: Funny, informational video on non-flushable products, produced by high school students from Keene, NH.