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The Basics:

The Zoning Ordinance of the City of South Portland, Maine, §27-1536 defines most of the City-level permit requirements regarding stormwater.

Levels of Permits:

There are three types of stormwater permits in South Portland, depending on what size and type of construction you are planning. From largest to smallest, they are:

  1. Post-Construction Stormwater Management Plan
Covers major development activities that must go before the Planning Board.
  2. Basic Stormwater Management Plan: 
Covers minor development that must go before the Planning Board.
  3. Drainage Plan:
This category is for small development activities which are not subject to site plan review.

Additional CSO Area Requirements:

In addition, South Portland’s Sewers and Drains Ordinance §22-24 restricts new connections to combined sewers, where they still exist in the City. Those restrictions help prevent combined sewer overflows (CSO’s).

Disclaimer: This summary is for orientation purposes only, and is not a substitute for the South Portland Ordinance. When considering activities that relate to zoning, review the Ordinance language directly and contact the City with any questions.