Collection Systems Maintenance - Pipe Cleaning

The Collection Systems Division also routinely cleans pipes and associated structures to ensure their proper functioning. Our combination hydraulic cleaner and vacuum unit uses a powerful jet spray to convey pipe sediments to down-stream manholes and catch basins where it is then removed with a powerful vacuum hose. During each cleaning event, Collection Systems Division staff also gather information on infrastructure conditions using a handheld GPS unit. This data is then incorporated into our GIS system enabling more efficient and timely asset management.

Citys_Hydraulic-Vacuum_Truck.jpg Staff_Cleaning_Catch_Basin.jpg
City's Hydraulic Vacuum Truck Staff Cleaning Catch Basin
Close-up_of_High-Powered_jet_Spray.jpg Data_Entry_for_Structure_Condition.jpg
Close-up of High-Powered Jet Spray Data Entry for Structure Condition