Online Complaint Reporting

Discharges Into Storm Drains, Streets, Culverts, Rivers, Creeks, etc.

The wastewater and sewage that drain from inside your house is treated and cleaned before it enters the ocean, but the storm drains in the street outside your home flow directly to the ocean, rivers, and lakes without any treatment. It is therefore very important that no one be allowed to dump waste of any kind onto street surfaces, drainage pipes and ditches, or into storm drains - they are only for rainwater.

If you see someone dumping anything onto street surfaces, into storm drains, or into any other device built to contain rainfall or runoff in the city of South Portland, please report it immediately by calling Dave Thomes at South Portland Water Resource Protection Department at (207) 767-7675, or by using the form below. The City of South Portland will respond to all complaints.

To report an Emergency, call 911.
(do not use this form to report an emergency)

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