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Why Worry About Stormwater?

Rain gardens are a beautiful alternative to letting water just run across your lawn.

The City of South Portland must comply with state and federal regulations to reduce the harmful effects of stormwater runoff. In response to these regulations, the City established Stormwater Management Performance Standards in April 2009 and more recently was awarded funding from Casco Bay Estuary Partnership develop a web-based Stormwater Management Manual.

This manual, posted here on the City’s website, is intended to serve as a helpful resource for new development or redevelopment projects on smaller parcels (< 1 acre). It includes an introduction to stormwater, why it is so important to South Portland, what permit requirements small projects face, and detailed guidelines on how to meet those requirements while effectively protecting South Portland’s valuable water resources.

Please contact Fred Dillon at Water Resources Protection, 347-4138 or, for comments or questions on this project.