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In compliance with the Maine Department of Environmental Protection's General Permit for the Discharge of Stormwater from Small Municipal Separate Storm Sewer Systems (MS4), the City updated our Stormwater Management Plan (SWMP). Please see the City Clerk to review a printed copy of the SWMP at City Hall. 

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Willard Beach Watershed Assessment Efforts (August 23, 2023): This document outlines our approach to protecting and preserving the vital coastal amenity that is South Portland's Willard Beach. It gives an overview of how the City monitors water quality, outlines the challenges posed by wet weather and the built environment, describes our watershed assessment and asset management efforts, and summarizes our next steps for ensuring the beach remains safe and swimmable.

Stormwater Outfall Monitoring Results: In partnership with the Maine Healthy Beaches (MHB) Program, WRP staff have been collecting enterococcus and optical brightener samples from stormwater outfall WB17 on Willard Beach. Enterococcus concentrations above the MHB threshold of 104 MPN/100 mL of sample indicate potential fecal contamination from humans or warm blooded animals. Optical brightener concentrations above the MHB threshold of 100 ug/mL may indicate the presence of laundry detergents originating from the sewer system. For more information, please see this document.

You can access Maine Healthy Beaches' Water Quality Test Results for Willard Beach. Check current beach status via MHB's Check Beach Status page. To view all of MHB’s 2023 Willard Beaches results, zoom into Willard to narrow down the data table on the right hand side of the screen. Then click on the “ALL DATA” tab to see the full season’s worth of data to date.



Collection Systems Division Annual Report for FY2021-22

Check out the annual report for our Collection Systems Division, which provides vital services to maintain all municipally-owned piped infrastructure in the City.

2022 MS4 General Permit Now in Effect

The Maine Department of Environmental Protection's Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System ("MS4") General Permit went into effect on 7/1/22.  There are several new provisions that provide more protection for water resources.  Some of these provisions include:

  • Conduct analytical water quality monitoring for stormwater outfalls to determine if prohibited discharges are occurring.
  • Remove verified prohibited stormwater discharges within 60 days of discovery (or develop an expeditious mitigation plan if removal within 60 days is infeasible).
  • Establish an Erosion & Sediment Control Ordinance or other regulatory mechanism to minimize sediment discharge from construction projects by 7/1/23.
  • Establish a Low Impact Development Ordinance or other regulatory mechanism to provide more stormwater treatment for redevelopment and new development projects by 7/1/24.

For more information please review the City's Stormwater Management Plan and/or contact the Stormwater Program Coordinator. 

COVID-19 Continuity of Services Assurance Statement 

DEP Reminds Mainers of What Not to Flush 


Trout Brook Nature Preserve

Water Resource Protection is committed to safeguarding the health of South Portland's watersheds and Casco Bay by providing cost-effective & efficient water resource protection services.