South Portland's NEW Pesticide Use Ordinance


On Wednesday September 7, 2016 the South Portland City Council passed an ordinance to restrict the use of pesticides for all turf, landscape, and outdoor pest management activities in the City.


On June 8, 2015, the nonprofit group Protect South Portland sponsored a presentation to the City Council about the harmful effects of pesticide use on public health and the environment, and the benefits of alternative land care practices. During this workshop the City Council voiced unanimous support for pursuing a pesticide ordinance. 

Following a second workshop on July 13, 2015 to review the policy landscape and different types of ordinances,the City Council directed staff to develop a draft ordinance that would greatly restrict or eliminate the use of pesticides throughout the City. The City Manager appointed a committee consisting of the Sustainability Coordinator, the Parks Superintendent and the Stormwater Program Coordinator to develop a draft ordinance based on research, stakeholder input, and best practices. 

The staff pesticide ordinance committee reviewed numerous documents and solicited input and guidance from a variety of stakeholders including policy makers, advocates, practitioners, and land care professionals to develop the draft ordinance. Jay Feldman, Director of Beyond Pesticides and Chip Osborne, President of Osborne Organics also worked with staff as consultants.  

Council Meeting Packets: