How to Comply?

The City of South Portland has developed a step-by-step guide to compliance with the Energy and Water Use Benchmarking Ordinance available here: South Portland Benchmarking Ordinance How-To Guide. Follow the guide to meet all of the requirements outlined below. 

1. Access your ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager account for the covered property.

All covered property owners are required to report 2019 energy and water use data through the free EPA ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager. To help you through this process, follow the How-to Guide to walk you step-by-step through the process of setting up an account for your property and adding utility meters. 

2. Gather all energy and water use data for the covered property.

a) Electricity - Collect monthly electricity usage from each billing period from your Central Maine Power billing statements. **NEW** CMP partnered with South Portland to provide property owners monthly energy use data in the spreadsheet format for easy upload into Portfolio Managers. To receive data in this form, contact with the subject line "Portfolio Manager South Portland Request_[Your Name]" with your name, phone number, email, property address, and all CMP account numbers by April 1, 2020.

b) Heat - For the appropriate heat source on your property, gather usage from each billing period from the supplier.

c) Water - The Portland Water District provides monthly water use and billing information through MyOnlineBilling. Property owners can create an account and download water data by following a 4-step prompt. To get started, be sure to have your account number present.   

Note: Building owners with tenants may use the Template Tenant Authorization Letter and Form to inform tenants of the Ordinance and receive authorization to review utility account history. 

3. Enter your monthly energy and water use data into Portfolio Manager.

There are three ways to enter your data into Portfolio Manager. One approach is to manually input data for energy and water meters on the property. Alternatively, property owners can upload data using a spreadsheet template. Or, an energy management consultant with your account authorization can compile and upload data into Portfolio Manager.

4. Run a data quality check to identify for possible errors.

Prior to submitting your building's energy and water data to the City, you will need to run a data quality check to ensure there are no detectable issues with your data set. 

5. Generate and send your report through the South Portland data request link.

Respond to the data request from South Portland. Once you have previewed the response for data quality, send the report, and you will receive a confirmation message from Portfolio Manager.

South Portland data request link: Click Here


Energy and Water Use Benchmarking Checklist