South Portland Community Television &
South Portland Public Access Television

Welcome!  South Portland Community Television (SPC-TV) and South Portland Public Access Television (SPPA-TV) are South Portland's local cable TV channels.  Both channels are located in City Hall at 25 Cottage Road. 


SPC-TV carries municipal and school related programming. 
The channel can be found on Time Warner Cable channels 2 and 121-1.  Older TVs require a digital to analog decoder to view SPC-TV on channel 2.  Newer television sets will receive SPC-TV on channel 121-1. You can find archived meetings and events as well as the station's live web stream here

SPPA-TV is South Portland's public access cable TV channel. Viewers can watch it on Time Warner Cable channels 3 and 121-2. It's mission is to provide city residents with the necessary training and equipment to produce television programming for cablecast. SPPA-TV accepts and cablecasts, free of charge, messages of community interest from nonprofit organizations*. A digital to analog decoder is required to view SPPA-TV on channel 3.  Newer television sets will receive SPPA-TV on channel 121-2. Public access programs are not archived, but you can watch the channel's live web stream here.

Interested in producing a video? You can download useful forms from our forms page or contact us.


*This service is provided as a courtesy and as time permits. Management makes no guarantee that every announcement will be cablecast on SPC-TV or SPPA-TV.