Information about closing due to storms, staff training, etc will be posted here.



 Normal hours of operation:




 Sundays in November: 7, 14, 21, 28





 Transfer Facility

929 Highland Avenue

Phone: 207-767-7671


The Transfer Facility is open to residents of South Portland with a valid permit.  When arriving at the Facility (from the access road, turn left at the bottom of the hill), please enter through the gates and stay to the right, following the pavement to the attendant's shack.  All visitors must check in with an attendant before disposing of yard debris or waste items, and prior to visiting the Swap Shop or silver bullet recycling containers. 



The Transfer Facility is open Tuesday - Saturday, 8am-3:30pm.

Because it is staffed by attendants who also assist during clean-up operations, the Transfer Facility may be open shortened hours or not at all during periods of inclement weather.  If that happens, information will be posted on this page, on our Facebook page, and on our outgoing phone message, as well as on local news stations' digital announcements, if applicable.

Though normally closed Sundays, there are months when the Facility opens to the public on Sundays - usually in May and November.  Notice of Sunday hours is advertised in the locations mentioned above, as well as in the Portland Press Herald and the South Portland Sentry, and in City’s e-community newsletter.


Please click the Accepted Items/Fees link for our list of disposal fees. Payments accepted by cash or local check only.


Residents are required to display a Transfer Station permit sticker as proof of residency to enter and use the Transfer Station and Swap Shop. To obtain a Transfer Station sticker you must show two forms of proof of residency, preferably your vehicle registration and driver’s license.  Stickers are available at the Municipal Services Facility or at City Hall during regular business hours. The stickers are nontransferable and must be affixed to your vehicle. The first sticker is free, and a second sticker for a second vehicle may be obtained (with valid registration) for $5.00. No more than two stickers will be issued per residence. Stickers will have to be renewed January of every other year. *2020 Stickers will be valid through the end of 2021. 


Landscape contractors may use our facility for disposal of landscape debris (leaves, grass clippings  and brush) from South Portland residential properties.  A Contractor's permit must be obtained for an annual fee of $150.  (Additional permits cost $20 per vehicle.)  Contractor permits are available upon receipt of payment at the Municipal Services Facility or at City Hall during regular business hours. Contractors may only bring in leaves, grass, or brush and must pay the associated fees for disposal each time they use the facility. (No running tabs will be maintained.) Contractors must show proof that the material they are disposing of is from a South Portland resident by providing the resident’s permit number.  Contractor’s permits will have to be renewed January of every other year. *2020 Stickers will be valid through the end of 2021. 


Commercial use of the Facility is not permitted. Trash haulers, contractors, landscapers or any person/company being paid to dispose of refuse other than listed under Landscape Contractor Use may not use this facility. See Unaccepted Items list at left for locations in the greater Portland area that may accept items from commercial entities.


The Swap Shop, located within the gates of Transfer Facility, offers residents a alternate means of disposing of unwanted items that still may have some life left in them (and, alternatively, a place to 'shop' for free used items.)  The Shop is open from April 1 to December 1. Hours are Tuesday-Saturday, 8am-3:30pm.  It is staffed by volunteers, so if a volunteer is unable to make his/her shift, the Shop will remain closed during that shift.  Click the Swap Shop link on the left for more information and a list of accepted items.