The City of South Portland adopted a Street Light Policy on January 14, 2020. Property owners may request the installation of a new streetlight provided that it is on an existing utility pole, or may request to have their streetlight dimmed or turned off. The City will not remove lights altogether upon request. City staff in the Public Works Department will evaluate all requests according to the standards found in this policy.

To submit a request to add, remove or dim a City street light, please use the form below.  Both the Request Form and Neighbor Notification Form are required. 

- Request Form with Neighbor Notification  | WordDoc


To report a broken or non-functioning light or for questions regarding the street light policy, please call Public Works.


South Portland Public Works 
929 Highland Ave
South Portland, ME 04106
Phone: 207-767-7635
Monday-Friday, 7am-3:00pm