The City Council periodically amends the City's Traffic Schedule by Council order in accordance with Chapter 15 of the City's Code of Ordinances.  Below are the current schedules.   The City Clerk maintains the Traffic Schedule.

Questions regarding traffic, parking and safety should be directed to the Police Department.  Issues concerning incorrect signage should be directed to Public Works. 


Winter Parking Schedule (During Winter Parking Ban Only, December 1-April 1)

Section 15-97 (Bus Stops and Taxi Stands)
Section 15-98 (Curb Loading Zones - no records)
Section 15-123 (Yield Signs)
Section 15-125 (Stop Sign Locations)
Section 15-126 (Through Streets)
Section 15-147 (Schedule of Restricted Access Ways - no records), No U Turn
Section 15-150 (Truck Routes)
Section 15-151 (Schedule of Streets Where Large Trucks Prohibited)
Section 15-162 (Schedule of Speed Zones: Speed LimitsSchool Zones)
Section 15-174 (One Way Streets), 
Section 15-180 (Right and Left Turn Only Intersections: Right Turn Only, Left Turn Only - no records)
Section 15-204 (No Truck Parking)
Section 15-205 (No Buses - no records)
Section 15-211 (No Parking) (No Parking - Municipal Lots)
Section 15-212 (Schedule of Streets Where Tow-Away of Vehicles Authorized: Fire Lanes, Tow Away Zone)
Section 15-213 (Limited Parking)