Sex Offender Warning

WARNING NOTICE: Before viewing names on the Sex Offender download page, Please read the following:

This site is not the official State of Maine Sex Offender Registry. Several links have been provided to access the Official State of Maine Sex Offender Registry. According to official records, the persons listed on this page have been convicted in a court of law of a crime known as a sex offense.

Please note that although we are responsible to maintain accuracy of these pages and our documents, there is always the possibility that a person's name or other information appears by some type of error or mistake. Also note that the persons listed have served their time for the crime committed.

This information is provided solely for public awareness and safety. Do Not try to contact these persons, or harass or torment them

If you believe a person's name or other information is incorrect, or have any questions or concerns about an individual listed, please contact the South Portland Police Department.

(207) 799-5511 Ext. 7454 Ofc. David Stailing  

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Access the state of Maine Sex Offender Registry

Access the National Sex Offender Public Registry


Sex Offender Residency Restrictions

Sex Offenders Prohibited Residential Areas Map
 (updated April 2018)

The City of South Portland has a sex offender residency restriction ordinance within Chapter 21 of the Code of Ordinances.  In summary, the city promotes and strives to create a safe environment for its citizens to live and raise families and considers the promotion of the safety and welfare of children to be of paramount importance. The City recognizes that sex offenders who prey upon children may have a high rate of recidivism. Notwithstanding that certain persons convicted of sex offenses or sexually violent offenses are required to register with the state, the City finds that further protective measures are necessary and warranted to safeguard places where children congregate.  The purpose of the ordinance is to provide such further protective measures, while balancing the interests and residential needs of sex offenders.

No sex offender, convicted of a Class A, B or C (felony) sex offense against a person who had not attained 14 years of age at the time of the offense, regardless of whether the offense was committed in the State of Maine or another jurisdiction, may temporarily or permanently reside, live or dwell within the 750 foot setback of any restricted property.  Such restricted properties include (i) the real property comprising a public or private elementary, middle or secondary school; and (ii) the real property comprising a municipally owned property or State-owned property that is leased to a nonprofit organization for purposes of a park, athletic field or recreation facility that is open to the public where children are the primary users.