National Law Enforcement Challenge

law-enforcement-challenge-logo.jpegThe South Portland Police Department participated in a National Challenge spon-sored by the International Chiefs of Police, the National Highway Traffic Safety Admin-istration and the National Sheriffs Asso-ciation.

This challenge is an innovative way for law enforcement agencies to increase traffic enforcement in their jurisdiction. This is done by educating the public and also en-forcing the traffic laws. The topics covered are Occupant Protection-to include Child Passenger Safety, Impaired Driving-to in-clude underage drinking and driving, and Speeding.

Presentations submitted are entered into the appropriate award catagory. This in-cludes the type of law enforcement agency and the size of the law enforcement agency. There are also special award catagories for First Time Entry Award, Child Passenger Safety Award, Impaired Driving Award, Speeding Award, etc. For further information on Challenge Rules and Guidelines click on the link in the sidebar.

To view the 2007 & 2008 South Portland Police Department Challenge Presentations, click on the links below.

Law Enforcement Challenge Information