This is an alternative assignment within the Patrol and Community Services Division, designed to proactively address quality of life concerns within the city.

The officers assigned to this unit generally work in plainclothes capacity, but may work uniformed details. Unlike the uniformed patrol or "beat" officers, they are not responsible for patrol presence or response to calls within a specific area of the city, so they are allowed to focus their attention and investigative efforts on neighborhood problems and nuisances that would otherwise be difficult for the police department to address.

Among other things, the Community Response unit:

  • Conducts specialized details, including traffic and OUI enforcement, and decoy and prostitution investigations.
  • Coordinates the execution of the department's 800 or so outstanding criminal arrest warrants.
  • Work with the hotels and motels in the city to prevent, deter and detect criminal activity.
  • Conducts alcohol enforcement details focused at deterring underage drinking or violations within licensed establishments or retail stores.
  • Tracks information on gang activity or associations and shares that information with the patrol officers.

If you would like to report activity to the Community Response Unit, please call 799-5511 or email:                   Youth Aid Ofc Robert Scarpelli 

                             Ofc Linda Barker

                             Ofc David Stailing

                             Ofc Erin Curry

                             SRO Alfred Giusto