South Portland/Cape Elizabeth TRIAD is a joint effort to bring Seniors, South Portland Police, local businesses and community members together to enhance the quality of life and improve safety for seniors residing in South Portland. South Portland TRIAD/Cape Elizabeth is tailored to meet the needs of our community and is an integral part of community policing.

Contact TRIAD

If you have questions about some of the recent projects of the South Portland TRIAD or if you need to know when the next community TRIAD meeting will be held, please call 799-5511 ext 7-7424 and leave a message. Detective Linda Barker will get back in touch with you.

Ongoing TRIAD Programs

The South Portland/Cape Elizabeth is conducting the quality of life survey for Senior Citizens within the Communities. Senior Citizens please click on the survey link, print out survey, and return the survey to the South Portland Police or Cape Elizabeth Police departments. The contact people and addresses are on the bottom of the survey.

TRIAD Survey

Click the link above to download the TRIAD Survey

Senior Driving Safety Courses are temporarily not being held. 

FREE Emergency Cell Phones

South Portland Seniors 60 and over can receive a free EMERGENCY CELL PHONE while supplies last. These phones will only have 911 capabilities but could save a life if used when a person could not summons help by other means. An example would be a person living alone who fell while in the back yard of their home while hanging clothes on the line, or getting from the garage to the house. This could eliminate a situation where a person lay on the ground for hours before being seen by anyone and possibly saving a life or limb.

To get on the receiving list for a free phone, contact Detective Linda Barker at 207-799-5511 Ext 7-7424.