Smokeless Saturday is an opportunity for teens to rethink their decision to use tobacco products.

It is a 5-hour class that assists the user in understanding why they smoke. The class provides educational information regarding the consequences of tobacco use. It will also help the user develop skills to kick the habit.Classes are scheduled on designated Saturdays from 8:30 am -1:30 pm at the South Portland Police Department.

Smokeless Saturday is divided into two sessions. The morning session addresses such issues as personal history and habits, communication and refusal skills, and identification of "trigger" situations that lead to tobacco use. The afternoon session focuses on heath issues, media manipulation, and goal setting regarding tobacco use.

The goals of Smokeless Saturday are to empower teens to recognize why and how they use tobacco. It will also provide them with cessation awareness skills, including the refusal and avoidance of "trigger" situations.

Smokeless Saturday is a joint program of the South Portland Police Department; the South Portland School Department and is affiliated with the Bureau of Health / A Healthy Maine Partnership. For more information please contact Chief Edward Googins or call 207-799-5511 ext 7230