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Are you a resident of South Portland? A business owner?  A commuter or other member of the public that we serve?

Are you aware of an issue or problem in your area or neighborhood with which you think the police can assist? This could range from traffic violations, to loitering, to loud parties or underage drinking, or suspected drug or other criminal activity. Perhaps you’ve even called us already but the problem still persists?

We invite you to join us and be a Cop For a Day!

Based upon the concept of community policing and the notion that the police are the people and the people are the police, Cop For A Day is a very simple concept intended to help us solve problems and increase public safety, while fostering the key relationship that every police department must maintain… the one with its own community.

Our community members rely upon the fact that we are doing our job, reacting and proactively policing their needs. We, likewise, routinely rely upon our community to step up and aid us in this effort.

That is where Cop For A Day comes in. What clearer display of this partnership could there be than the police and the public collaborating by literally partnering up in a police car and going out to solve our community’s problems?

We aim to not only identify and address problems, but to give our officers a clearer idea of the public’s perception of the issues on their beats, while giving the public a better understanding of the what the police are doing, or can (or cannot) lawfully do, to address such issues within our city.