Learn about our Programs

Child Safety Information

Offering parents resources for their child's safety. And how to assist law enforcement for certain emergency situations.

Child Passenger Safety

Assistance with child safety seat questions and installation.

Cop For a Day

See what it is like to be cop for a day.

Vacation House Check

 The South Portland Police Department offers a periodic check of your home when you go away on vacation.


Working with seniors, social services, and the business community to assist with and address senior citizen issues. This includes offering a Driver Safety Course for Seniors.

Community Cares Program

This Program is offered to assist a Senior Citizen to continue to live independently. 

Coffee with a Cop

Engaging our community in public safety efforts is a top priority of the South Portland Police Department.

Yellow Dot Program

A program for operators of motor vehicles to keep emergency contact information and medical history in the glove compartment of their motor vehicle. This will assist emergency responders at the scene of a motor vehicle crash or a medical emergency in a motor vehicle.

Impaired Memory/Communication/Wanderer Registration Program

A program assisting with reuniting memory/communication impaired individuals that become separated from their families and/or caregivers.


Prevention Assistance with graffiti issues, definitions, and removal.

Citizen Oriented Policing School

A program educating the citizen on the functions and operations of a police officer.

Prescription Drug Drop Off Program

This program allows citizens of South Portland to discard unused and expired medications during certain times of the year.

Volunteers in Police Service (VIPS)

This is a volunteer program for citizens who want to perform a public service to their community.

Home Alone Program 

A public service for parents of underage children. Register your home and help prevent underage drinking and parties while you're away.

Bicycle Registrations

Bicycle information is entered into a national data base. Recovered lost and stolen bicycles can returned to the owners.


This program notifies the residents of South Portland of any emergencies, major delays, major detours, etc.