What activities do you like to do in the West End? What would you like more of? This year the Greater Portland Council of Governments (GPCOG) is working with the City of South Portland to identify opportunities for improving recreation facilities in the West End. Please help us by completing this survey. 




On behalf of the Comprehensive Plan Implementation Committee, the Greater Portland Council of Governments (GPCOG) is working with a team of consultants from the Southern Maine Planning and Development Commission (SMPDC) and Richardson and Associates,  a local landscape architecture firm, on developing a master plan for the City of South Portland's West End neighborhood.


West End Neighborhood Master Plan

File Name Date Added File Size
West_End_Neighborhood_Master_Plan_8-16-17_with_Adoption_Order_and_NNECAPA_Award_Letter.pdf 10/10/2019 24,479.77 KB
Draft_West_End_Neighborhood_Master_Plan_8-16-17.pdf 8/16/2017 23,861.53 KB
Comp Plan Minutes 07-20-17.pdf 8/10/2017 147.97 KB
Comp Plan Minutes 06-15-17.pdf 8/10/2017 161.21 KB
Comp Plan Minutes 04-20-17_amended.pdf 8/10/2017 280.80 KB
Comp Plan Minutes 03-16-17.pdf 8/10/2017 130.93 KB
Comp Plan Minutes 02-16-17.pdf 8/10/2017 166.85 KB
Comp Plan Minutes 01-19-17.pdf 2/21/2017 166.67 KB
Comp Plan Minutes 11-17-16.pdf 2/21/2017 163.51 KB
CPIC Minutes 10-20-16.pdf 2/21/2017 182.93 KB
2_9_17_West End Zoning Outline of Revised Zoning Provisions.pdf 2/21/2017 677.38 KB
ExistingConditionsMaps3--higher_resolution.pdf 2/21/2017 2,757.28 KB
WE Proposed Schedule 1_11_17.docx 2/21/2017 14.38 KB
West End Flier.pdf 2/21/2017 689.62 KB
West End Neighborhood Plan Public Engagement Strategy.docx 2/21/2017 18.44 KB