Mill Creek Zoning Amendments

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The Mill Creek Zoning + Other Amendments were the subject of a public forum on April 14, 2016.  They also were discussed at a Planning Board workshop on June 14 and had a pair of Planning Board public hearings on July 26 to make a recommendation to the City Council.  The City Council workshop will be on Wednesday, October 12, 2016.

Overview of Proposed Amendments to the Zoning Ordinance to Implement the

Mill Creek Master Plan 

In July of 2015, the City Council adopted the Mill Creek Master Plan.  The Master Plan includes a number of recommendations for revisions to the City’s Zoning Ordinance.  The Comprehensive Plan Implementation Committee (CPIC) has developed drafts of proposed amendments to the ordinance.  The draft amendments follow the recommendations in the Master Plan quite closely.  The following provides a brief overview of the draft amendments:

  • The Master Plan proposes creating three new zoning districts for the Mill Creek area.  The draft amendments create the specifics for the proposed Village Extension District, Broadway Corridor District, and Mill Creek Core District.  The language of the amendments follows the framework set out in Appendix C of the Master Plan.  The boundary of the proposed Village Extension District in the vicinity of the Broadway/Cottage intersection was revised to include one additional lot and the standards for that are were modified slightly because of the situation with the Pratt-Abbott property.  These changes are addressed in amendments 1 through 5.
  • The Mill Creek Master Plan proposed updating the City’s parking requirements especially as they apply to the Mill Creek area (see Amendment 6).  The proposed amendments allow the parking requirement for office, service, retail and restaurant uses to be reduced in the Village Extension and Mill Creek Core Districts if adequate parking is available for the use.  It also reduces the required parking for smaller apartments to encourage the development of housing in this area.
  • The Mill Creek Master Plan proposes that new development in the area be subject to design standards to assure that it is well-designed.  Rather than create separate standards for the Mill Creek districts, the amendments revise the recently adopted design standards for Neighborhood Activity Centers to make them applicable to the new districts (see Amendments 7 – 12).  The amendments also add additional standards for mid-rise buildings with four or more habitable stories.
  • The amendments include proposed standards for exterior lighting.  The Master Plan proposed such standards for Mill Creek (see Amendment 13).  The draft provisions will apply citywide if adopted.
  • The Master Plan included a focus on making Mill Creek “greener” and more environmentally sound.  The Plan proposed the adoption of Energy and Water Use Benchmarking requirements for larger non-residential and multifamily buildings.  With Mill Creek acting as a pilot project for the City, the proposed amendments would apply to buildings in the Mill Creek area meeting certain thresholds as well as to most municipal and school buildings city-wide.

Notes on Benchmarking Background Files

The Urjanet file is a good place to start to learn about benchmarking and transparency laws.  However, please keep in mind that it is a sales product:  the product being pitched is the Urjanet third-party utility data acquisition application.  While such applications may be appropriate for corporations with many buildings in their portfolios, they likely are not needed for most building owners in Mill Creek.  So in the Urjanet document where it talks about the difficulty of owners entering their own data, please take this with a grain of salt--and visit the EPA Energy Portfolio Manager website to see that it's not complicated and that there are a variety of tutorials and other information to guide one easily through the process.

That being said, a third-party application for small- and medium-sized businesses that may be of interest is Rapport (


Benchmarking Background Files

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NEEPBenchmarkingPres10-12-2016.pdf 12/5/2016 1,432.37 KB
Mill Creek Energy and Water Use Benchmarking 12-5-16 Revised to Reduce Tenant Impacts and Incorporating Corp Counsel's Comments.pdf 12/5/2016 303.26 KB
Mill Creek Benchmarking FAQ--7-15-16.pdf 7/15/2016 278.16 KB
Urjanet_Building Energy Disc Laws_ebook_3_Final.pdf 6/27/2016 2,189.20 KB
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BenchmarkDC_Final_Rulemaking.pdf 6/21/2016 63.60 KB
Cambridge Building Energy Use Disclosure Ordinance Summary.pdf 6/21/2016 278.78 KB
2014_nyc_ll84_benchmarking_report.pdf 6/21/2016 1,921.53 KB
2014_Benchmarking_Report__12162014.pdf 6/21/2016 3,398.97 KB
BenchmarkingOrdinance11SEP2013.pdf 6/21/2016 265.51 KB
Berkeley Benchmarking Ordinance.pdf 6/21/2016 305.95 KB
Minneapolis Second Annual Benchmarking Report.pdf 6/21/2016 1,680.67 KB
US Buildings Benchmarking and Transparency Policies Map.jpg 6/21/2016 852.71 KB
Mayor Murray lauds passage of new energy efficiency ordinance.pdf 6/21/2016 253.78 KB
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