Plans and Policy Objectives      


Ferry Village Plan

October, 2002
Wetland Compensation Fund Priorities November, 2010
2012 Comprehensive Plan October, 2012
Open Space Plan (Appendix Q to Comprehensive Plan)  August, 2019
1992 Comprehensive Plan (for reference) 1992
1954 Comprehensive Plan (for reference) 1954
Mill Creek Master Plan May, 2015
Economic Development Plan December, 2015
West End Neighborhood Master Plan August, 2017
One Climate Future Plan September, 2020
Willard Beach Master Plan
June 6, 2023
2040 Comprehensive Plan (Anticipated) Visit: 



Project PLAN November, 1999
Crosstown Connector Road Feasibility Study March, 2001
Open Space Report June, 2001
Knightville Mill Creek Neighborhood Study January, 2006
SMART Corridor Plan October, 2018
Maine Mall Transit Oriented Development Study  February, 2020
Cushing's Point Transportation Study February, 2022
Comprehensive Plan Audit Report March, 2022
Housing Assessment and Strategy Report May, 2022
Cash Corner Traffic Calming Study August, 2022