The South Portland Fire Department is a funded Regional Response Team (RRT) for the State of Maine.  This means that the department is not only responsible for events that happen in the city but also cover all of Southern Maine to the New Hampshire boarder.  The department also works closely with the Portland Fire Department, which is also a RRT (which covers north of Portland).

The department maintains two response trailers, one for response and the other for decontamination operations.  The department maintains thousands of dollars of specialized meters used to monitor and hazardous material release whether accidental or intentional.

All members of the Full Time Department are required to become Hazardous Material Response Technicians, the highest level of training.  Additionally most members have traveled to specialized trainings around the country to obtain advanced training in WMD response such as chemical and biological warfare and radiological attacks.

Annually each technician receives ongoing training in Hazmat/WMD and must recertified each fall.  The South Portland RRT also participates annually in one large scale training event to maintain its standing as a funded RRT.