Western Avenue Fire Station

Western Avenue Fire Station is located on James Baka Drive. The Station was constructed in 2002. Engine 44 and Ambulance 42 are staffed around the clock 24 hours a day 365 days a year and respond to emergencies around the Maine Mall area. All the firefighters at this station are required to be trained in Emergency Medical Services and many are Paramedics. These firefighters are required to be trained to the technician level for hazardous materials response, as well as all types of specialized rescue.



Engine 44

Engine 44 is a 2017 Pierce Arrow XT. It has a 2000 gpm pump, 500 gallons of water and 250 gallons AR-AFFF Foam. Engine 44 carries a full compliment of Advanced Emergency Medical Equipment and Hazardous Material Response Equipment in addition to the normal Firefighting Equipment.



Ambulance 42

Ambulance 42 is a 2016 Chevrolet / Braun Type III Advanced Life Support Ambulance. In addition to Medical gear the unit carries SCBA, Forcible Entry Tools and a TIC as the Rescue Crew perform Search and Rescue missions at Structure Fires





Hazmat 402

Hazmat 402 is a 2004 Hallmark Trailer that is the department's mobile response unit that carries the hazmat response equipment for the Regional Response Team. Additionally, it has a command center that is primarily for hazmat events, but can be used at any large, long term event that would benefit from an on scene command/operations center. The command center is equipped with heat/ac, wireless internet, printer/fax, 3 computers and work stations and a flat screen tv for satellite mapping of the emergency scene.



Prime Mover 402

Prime Mover 2 is a 2007 GMC dual cab, dual rear axle utility truck. This vehicle was purchased with grant funding. It's main purpose is to haul the department’s large trailers such as Hazmat 2 or Foam Trailer. It has a 10000 KW generator mounted In the bed of the truck for use with Hazmat 2 or any other electrical needs.



Service Truck 413

Service Truck 413 is a 2019 GMC 2500 with Fisher snow plow and flat bed. Service Trucks are used to plow snow at all Fire Department Stations, tow department trailers, move equipment (hose, foam totes, barrels) and run errands



Engine 41

2005 E-One Typhoon with a 1500 GPM Pump and 1000 gallons of water. Also has 30 gallons of Class A foam and a Williams Foam system. Originally, assigned to Engine 48, it was later assigned to Engine 43 Call Company and then temporarily to Engine 44 until the new Engine 44 arrived. Now as Engine 41, it is the department's spare Engine.