Cash Corner Fire Station

Cash Corner Fire Station is located on Main Street in South Portland. Cash Corner was rebuilt in 2020. Ladder 45 is staffed around the clock 24 hours a day 365 days a year and provides emergency response around the Main St, Rumery Industrial Park and Thornton Heights area. All the firefighters at this station are required to be trained in Emergency Medical Services and many are Paramedics. These firefighters are also required to be trained to the technician level for hazardous materials response.

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Ladder 45

Ladder 45 is a 2019 Pierce Arrow XT 107 foot Quint which provides the City with the dual functions of Ladder Company and Engine Company in one unit.  It has a 1500 gpm pump and 500 gallons of water.  It also has 30 gallons of Class A foam for building fires but can also pump Class B foam at small petroleum fires/spills.




Engine 46

2002 Ferrara Foam Pump. It can pump 1500 gallons per minute, has 500 gallons of water and 500 gallons of AFFF Class B foam and 30 gallons Class A foam.


Rescue 45

Rescue 45 is a 2016 Ford/Spencer Light Duty Rescue. This vehicle is equipped for any confined space rescue, high angle rescue or extrication as well as being the department's rapid response vehicle for any Hazmat/WMD event in South Portland or throughout the state.

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Hazmat 401

Hazmat 401 is a 2006 Hallmark Trailer that is used as the department's hazardous materials decontamination trailer. It responds with Hazmat 2 for any hazardous material response that would require decontamination of patients that have been exposed to a hazardous substance.

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Ambulance 43

Ambulance 43 is a 2014 Cheverte / Braun Type III Advanced Life Support Ambulance. Currently this a reserve unit that is used for large emergencies, to cover events such as road races or in case one of our primary units is down for repair.



Ladder 41

Ladder 41 1996 Pierce 100' Aerial Platform. Truck 1 is a reserve ladder and is not staffed fulltime, but is used in the event of a large commercial fire or second alarm incident. It is placed in serice if one of the primary ladders is out of service for repairs.



Engine 49

Engine 49 is a 1992 Ferrara 1000 GPM with 500 gallons water and 500 gallons AR-AFF foam. Due to it's age, the foam pump no longer functions and cannot be repaired, this apparatus is primarily a foam tender in case of any large petroleum fires. This unit was previously assigned as Engine 42.  

Engine 42.PNG


Service Truck 412

Service Truck 412 is a 2017 Ford F350 GMC 2500 with Fisher snow plow and hydraulic lift gate. Service Trucks are used to plow snow at all Fire Department Stations, tow department trailers, move equipment (hose, foam totes, barrels) and run errands.


 Gator 5

Gator 5 is a John Deere Gator that was purchased by the Solar Farm to provide fire protection to that area in case of a field/electrical fire. The vehicle has a 90 gallon forestry slide in skid unit as well as a winch and other accessories. 

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The department owns a 2000 gpm nozzle trailer called the terminator. This would be used at a significant petroleum fire at one of the bulk storage facilities. It can throw a foam / water solution onto the top of a storage tank that is on fire from a safe distance.

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