South Portland Fire Department Standard Operating Guidelines


Listed below are our Department's Rules, Policies, and Standard Operating Guidlines.  Our SOG "book" is divided into 7 Sections.  We feel that it is important that the fire service share with and learn from other departments.  Please feel free to browse our information in order to help your department.

Note: In order to view these files you will need to have a PDF Reader such as Adobe Reader.    


The South Portland Fire Department has adopted the "Red-Yellow-Green" color coding system listed on the Firefighters Close Calls Website.

Department policies and SOG’s are coded using the red-yellow-green color coding system.  The color code is at the top right portion of the document. Examples of what would be in each category include:

  • Red – includes emergency operations, emergency vehicle operations, civilian evacuation, roadway safety, MAYDAY, SCBA, RIT and related topics.  Essentially anything that during an emergency could get a firefighter or a civilian injured or killed.
  • Yellow - these are the tasks that are done a lot (high risk and high frequency) and the ones that are high risk and low frequency but give us time to think.  Personnel policies including drug testing, sexual harassment.
  • Green - these are the tasks that create a low opportunity for any of the above areas of concerns or exposure. Examples include the uniform or grooming policy, shift scheduling, or daily station duties.

This link SPFD SOGs will take you to the Department's PowerDMS Page where the SOGS are located.