Community Development Plans & Reports


The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) requires regular reporting on program plans and goals.  These reports must address specific questions from HUD, and demonstrate that goals for the program (both short- and long-term) have been identified and met.  The City of South Portland has received CDBG funds through the Cumberland County program since 2007. The City develops its own plans, which are then incorporated into the County’s required submissions to HUD.

For a list of available reports, both local and County, please click on the links below.

HUD Annual Action Plan

South Portland submits its Annual Action Plan, which is approved by the City Council, to the County in early May. Cumberland County submits its Annual Action Plan to HUD by May 15th.  This Plan is reviewed and approved by the County Commissioners before submission to HUD.  HUD must ultimately approve the County’s Annual Action Plan before it can be implemented.


City of South Portland Action Plans by Program Year:

2022-2023 Proposed Annual Action Plan

2020-2021 Annual Action Plan

2019-2020 Annual Action Plan 

2017-2018 Annual Action Plan

2016-2017 Annual Action Plan

2015-2016 Annual Action Plan

2014-2015 Annual Action Plan

2013-2014 Annual Action Plan

2012-2013 Annual Action Plan

2011-2012 Annual Action Plan

2010-2011 Annual Action Plan

2009-2010 Annual Action Plan

2008-2009 Annual Action Plan


County HUD Annual Action Plans by Program Year:

2017-Current Annual Action Plan & Five Year Consolidate Plan

2016 Annual Action Plan & Five Year Consolidated Plan (Year 10)

2015 Annual Action Plan (Year 9)

2014 Annual Action Plan (Year 8)

2013 Annual Action Plan (Year 7)

2012 Annual Action Plan (Year 6)

2011 Annual Action Plan (Year 5)

2010 Annual Action Plan (Year 4)

2009 Annual Action Plan (Year 3)


HUD Consolidated Annual Performance Evaluation & Report (CAPER)

The CAPER is a HUD-required report which accounts for all grant expenditures for the ending program year, and identifies beneficiaries associated with each project funded. The CAPER also requires the grantee to identify how successful they have been in meeting the goals identified in the Annual Action Plan.


2016 CAPER(Year 10)

2015 CAPER (Year 9)

2014 CAPER (Year 8)

2013 CAPER (Year 7)

2012 CAPER (Year 6)

2011 CAPER (Year 5)

2010 CAPER (Year 4)

2009 CAPER (Year 3)


HUD 5-Year Consolidated Plan

The 5-Year Consolidated Plan is a comprehensive plan required by HUD. The plan is intended to identify needs within Cumberland County and its municipalities, and establish priorities for addressing those needs and priorities for the next five years.

HUD Consolidated Plans:

5-Year Consolidated Plan: 2012-2016

5-Year Consolidated Plan: 2007-2011


Other Plans

The Analysis of Impediments to Fair Housing Choice was a report for HUD last created in 2010. The County, City of South Portland, and City of Portland are in the process of updating it for the region in 2013.

Analysis of Impediments to Fair Housing Choice: September 1, 2010