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The Department issues City excavation licenses and street excavation permits. 

Excavator License Application     Excavation Permit Application

Please submit permit and license applications to: codeenforcement@southportland.org

If you have excavation questions or concerns, please contact Reuel Wilgus at wwilgus@southportland.org


Excavation Permits are granted only to excavators licensed by the City of South Portland for the current calendar year.  Excavator Licenses are $300 and run annually through December 31st. Applications for a City Excavator License must be accompanied by a $10,000 bond and an insurance rider protecting the City from liability.

As of July 1, 2023, street opening permits (known as Excavation Permits) are $507 each, with the exception of a $50 fee for driveways only. Contractors may now download the street excavation permit application, fill it in electronically, then mail or bring it in to the office with the check for the permit. 

Public Utilities including Unitil, Portland Water District, Central Maine Power and Fairpoint will be invoiced, and their permit applications may be emailed to codeenforcement@southportland.org

Excavators working only on driveways are charged $50 each for Driveway Excavation permits. 


Driveway Permit Application

A separate $20 permit for location of a "curb cut" for a new driveway may be taken out by the property owner, but if any digging in the City right of way is involved with the proposed driveway, a currently City-licensed excavator must also take out an Excavation Permit for the driveway and pay the $50 fee. 


Curb Cut Permit Application

New homes that involved excavation for utilities as well as a driveway will require the basic Excavation Permit for $507, which will cover the water, sewer and driveway excavations All proposed excavations must be detailed on the application.



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