Building Codes

Maine Uniform Building & Energy Code


2015 International Building Code

2015 International Residential Code

2009 International Energy Conservation Code– Residential & Commercial (These codes can be purchased on-line at the “International Code Council” (ICC) website at

2013 ANSI / ASHRAE 62.2 – Residential Ventilation Standard

2013 ANSI / ASHRAE 62.1 – Commercial Ventilation Standard

2008 ASTM E 1465 – Radon Standard (These standards can be purchased on-line at the ASHRAE website at

Note: Work on building permits must now have substantial start within 180 days of date of issuance. The former time period was only 90 days.


Other Codes

NEC 2017 - National Electric Code

Maine State Internal Plumbing Code (based on the 2015 Uniform Plumbing Code)