Sec. 17-36.  Attaching advertising material to vehicles; placing materials in vehicles.

No person shall attach any advertising material of any kind, such as handbills, cards or papers, to the door handle, windshield wiper or any portion of any motor vehicle parked or standing in any street or public place, nor shall any person deposit any such material or samples of any kind within or upon any such vehicle so parked or standing. (Code 1966, §6-1-1.2)


Sec. 17-37. Affixing advertising materials to utility poles, etc.

No person shall attach, place, paint, write, stamp, paste or otherwise affix any sign, advertisement or other matter upon any electric light or public utilities pole, tree or fire hydrant, or on any bridge, pavement, sidewalk or crosswalk, public building or any property or thing belonging to the city or located in the public streets or other public places; provided, that this shall not be construed to prevent any public official from so doing for any public purpose.



Beginning on August 6, 2019, properties that are designated historic or contain structures built in 1940 or earlier may be subject to a delay of up to 90 days on issuance of a demolition permit or building permit for exterior work. This delay is being enacted pursuant to Ordinances #01-19/20 and #02-19/20, adopted by City Council on July 16, 2019.

For more information, contact the Planning Director, Milan Nevajda at

 Permit Delay Process.pdf


                                        ORDINANCE - Historic Preservation - Chapters 2, 5, 24.pdf

                                        ORDINANCE - Historic Preservation - Chapter 27.pdf


 New Demolition Permit Fees

New fee rates for Demolition Permits came into effect as of 1/27/2014.  Formerly based at the rate of $15 per $1000 assessed valuation of the structure to be demolished, Demolition Permit fees are now only $25 for accessory structures such as sheds or detached garages, and $50 for principle structures such as for homes or commercial buildings.   

Heating and Woodstove Inspections

Please call (207) 767-7603 to arrange an appointment for an inspection of a Single or Two-Family Heating Installation.  A heating or HVAC installation within a Residential Multi-unit (3 units or more), Business and/or Commercial Establishment requires an inspection by the South Portland Fire Department prior to use.

Also, all woodstove installations, including those in single and two family homes, must be inspected by the Fire Department prior to use.  Please call (207) 799-3311 and request to speak to the Deputy Fire Chief, to arrange an appointment for an inspection.

Tent Permits

Tent permits are required for tents or canopies to be placed on commercial, residential or public properties. The fee is $25.

Dimensional Variances

If the project you are intending to build will encroach on setbacks, you may need a variance from the Board of Appeals prior to getting the building permit. If you think you may need a variance, Please see Barb Skelton or call her at 207-347-4130 to set up an appointment, and she will help you through the application process.

Please Send ALL Permit Applications to: 

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Code Enforcement

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