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Code Enforcement

File Name Date Added File Size
2024 Excavator License Application-Fillable.pdf 12/5/2023 228.01 KB
Annual Permit to Keep Chickens 07-08-22.pdf 7/8/2022 222.92 KB
Beekeeping_Permit_Application.pdf 4/26/2013 10.35 KB
BLASTING PERMIT APPLICATION 07-08-22.pdf 7/8/2022 218.44 KB
Building_Permit_Application_Fillable_-_10-23-23.pdf 12/5/2023 372.04 KB
Curb Cut, driveway entrance & widening Application 5-10-23 Fillable.pdf 5/10/2023 134.17 KB
Demo Permit 11-14-22 Fillable.pdf 12/22/2022 173.11 KB
Demo Permit 11-14-22.docx 12/22/2022 30.02 KB
Drainage Plan Standards of Code Section 27-1536 5/9/2023 66.59 KB
Electrical Permit Application-FILLABLE - 1-18-23 modified.pdf 2/10/2023 215.67 KB
Excavation Permit App - 2023 Fillable.pdf 5/19/2023 277.12 KB
Excavations in Public Places Guide 2011 5/9/2023 3,958.89 KB
Grazing Permit Application 07-08-22.pdf 7/8/2022 203.21 KB
Heating-HVAC Permit 07-08-22.pdf 7/8/2022 257.10 KB
Home Occupation Application.pdf 2/24/2020 370.72 KB
Parklet Application 6/1/2023 561.41 KB
Plumbing Permit Application Fillable 3-30-21.pdf 3/30/2021 544.84 KB
Recommended_Standards_for_the_installation_of_Woodburning_Stoves.pdf 4/26/2013 400.19 KB
Retrictions_regarding_outdoor_Wood_fires.pdf 4/26/2013 12.43 KB
Safety_Tips_for_Wood_Stove_Operation.pdf 4/26/2013 17.18 KB
Sewer Connection Permit Application - 7-24-23.pdf 7/24/2023 234.65 KB
Sign Permit Application 07-08-22.pdf 7/8/2022 134.01 KB
Soil_Quality_Permit_Application_9-07-23.pdf 9/7/2023 233.22 KB
Storage Trailer-Container Application - REVISED.pdf 2/24/2020 108.47 KB
Storage_Tank_Installation_Application.pdf 4/26/2013 27.11 KB
Swimming Pool Permit Application 07-08-22.pdf 7/8/2022 198.04 KB
Tent Permit Application Draft 07-08-22.pdf 7/8/2022 159.19 KB
Utility Location Permit Application.pdf 4/3/2019 366.36 KB
Variances_-_Practical_difficulty_criteria_-_for_variance_applications.pdf 4/26/2013 11.15 KB
Woodstoves_and_Pellet_Stoves_-_Safety_Tips.pdf 4/26/2013 17.19 KB
Woodstove_installation_standards.pdf 4/26/2013 399.17 KB
Wood_Fires_-_Restrictions_Regarding_outdoor_wood_fires.pdf 4/26/2013 12.43 KB

Permit Delay for Historic Structures

Beginning on August 6, 2019, properties that are designated historic or contain structures built in 1940 or earlier may be subject to a delay of up to 90 days on issuance of a demolition permit or building permit for exterior work. This delay is being enacted pursuant to Ordinances #01-19/20 and #02-19/20, adopted by City Council on July 16, 2019.

For more information, contact the Planning Director, Milan Nevajda at

 Permit Delay Process.pdf

ORDINANCE - Historic Preservation - Chapters 2, 5, 24.pdf

ORDINANCE - Historic Preservation - Chapter 27.pdf


Outdoor Dining and Parklets on City Streets

The City has updated Chapter 23 of the Code of Ordinances to allow "parklets" in certain locations within the City. A parklet is a protected area within the public right of way that allows for on-street dining, public space for seating, art displays, or other public uses. Parklets are permitted seasonally from April 15th to November 1st and approved permits for parklets would allow operation over a three-year period with annual licensing requirements and inspections.

Parklets do not cannot be located within travelling lanes or on sidewalks; retail displays and dining or seating on sidewalks will continue to be processed as license request from the City Clerk's office.

Parklets may be permitted in the following Designated Parklet Locations (DPLs), which are established by City Council Order. A web-map of the DPLs is also available as a reference. Amendments to the DPLs requires a Council Order and may be requested through the Planning Division or by contacting the Planning Director, Milan Nevajda at

Parklet Applications are available in the form list below. 

Parklet affidavit template (fillable)