City of South Portland
  General Municipal Election
November 5, 2019


Offices for Election
Requirements & Resources
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Offices for Election:

  • City Councilor - At-Large (for 3 year term)
  • City Councilor - At-Large (for 3 year term)
  • School Board - District One  (for 3 year term)
  • School Board - District Two (for 3 year term)
  • Warden - District 1, 2, 3 ,4, 5 (for 3 year term)
  • Ward Clerk - District 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 (for 3 year term)
  • Portland Water District - South Portland/Cape Elizabeth Representative (5 year term)

Candidates running for City Council, School Board and Portland Water District are voted on "At Large", which means all registered voters of the City vote on these races.  Offices of Warden and Ward Clerks are voted on by City District.


  • All candidates for School Board, City Council or Warden/Ward Clerk must reside in and be registered to vote in the city district for the office you are running for and remain as such for the duration of your term. (City Charter).
  • Those running for City Council may not hold office of emolument or profit nor any position of employment in any city department, including but not limited to the department of education, whether full or part time. (City Charter). 
  • If running for School Board, please be aware of the School Department's nepotism policy, found in the Master Policy Book.
  • Candidates for Portland Water District Representative must complete the nomination process and qualify for the ballot in both South Portland and Cape Elizabeth.  More information is available here. 



Holding public office is a large time commitment and responsibility. Those interested in running for office, particularly for City Council, should review the helpful information posted on Maine Municipal Association's "Running for Local Office". 

Candidates will want to be familiar with the duties, rules, and policies of the office before deciding to run for office.  Prior to the inauguration ceremony (1st Monday in December), newly elected Councilors will receive on-boarding with the City Manager and City Clerk, and will be encouraged to attend the "Elected Officials Workshop" training hosted by Maine Municipal Association.

School Board:

City Council:

Wardens & Ward Clerks:

If you have any questions regarding eligibility or duties of the offices above, please contact the City Clerk. 

 List of Candidates:

As prospective candidates take out nomination papers, their names, address, office for which they are running, date which nomination papers were taken out, and date which nomination papers were returned will be posted here. 

Should a prospective candidate return enough valid signatures to qualify for the ballot, that information will be indicated in the last column.

Per Charter, the political party (if any) of candidates do not appear on the ballot and are not posted here.  Voters do not need to be enrolled in a political party to receive a ballot. 


Office                                                                                                                                Name of Candidate                                                 Address       Date Papers Taken Out   Date Papers Returned   Qualified for Ballot? (Y/N)  
 City Councilor - At Large Susan Henderson  9 E Street  7/29  8/26  Y
City Councilor - At Large Margaret Brownlee 97 Skillings St 8/5  8/26  Y

City Councilor - At Large


Katelyn Bruzgo 34 Carter St 8/12  9/6  Y

City Councilor - At Large


Mary Drymon DeRose 499 Westbrook St 8/13  8/30  Y

City Councilor - At Large


Richard Carter 33 Thompson St 8/20  8/27  Y

School Board - District 1

Jennifer Kirk 101 Stanford St 7/31  9/6  Y


School Board - District 1


Thomas Fournier 15 Ocean View Ave 9/3  9/6  Y

School Board - District 2


 Nicole Wiesendanger  202 Cottage Rd  8/20    
Warden - District 1 Robert Foster 206 Front St 8/1  8/29  Y
Ward Clerk - District 1

Phil Gaven 


120 Thompson St 8/27  9/6  Y

Warden - District 5


Linwood Leland

1695 Broadway 8/30  9/6  Y
Ward Clerk - District 5 Brad Fox 12 Rollins Way 7/29  8/27  Y
Warden - District 2 Tim Baker 7 Edwards St 8/2 9/6  Y


Ward Clerk - District 2


Benjamin Bettez 42 Churchill St 8/21  9/3  Y

Ward Clerk - District 3


John Howard 11 Dimar Dr 8/28  9/6  Y
Warden - District 4 Jon Hartford

68 George St 8/7  9/4  Y

Ward Clerk - District 4


Stephen Martin 33 Tamarack Dr 8/26  9/3  Y
Portland Water District Representative Matthew Beck 9 Stone Drive 7/29  8/26  Y


 Nomination Paper Deadlines:

  • Nomination papers will be available starting at 8:00 A.M. on Monday, July 29, 2019.
  • Nomination papers may be filed no earlier than 8:00 A.M. on Monday, August 26, 2019.
  • Nomination papers must be filed no later than 4:30 P.M. on Friday, September 6, 2019.

All nomination papers are issued and filed with the City Clerk,
located at City Hall, 25 Cottage Road.

Nomination Petition Signature Requirements

  • Candidates running for City Council or School Board need 100 qualified signatures of registered voters of the city. The Charter indicates not less than 100 or more than 300 signatures.  It is recommended that you turn in at least 130 to 150 signatures as some of the signers may not be registered voters or may have already signed and qualified another candidate.  We have provided you with 8 petition sheets with 25 lines on each page.  If you would like more, we would be happy to provide them to you upon request.  (City Charter [Sec.] 1004.  Nominations.)
  • Candidates running for Warden or Ward Clerk need 30 qualified signatures of registered voters within that districtThe Charter indicates not less than 30 or more than 100 signatures.  It is recommended that you turn in above 30 signatures as some of the signers may not be registered voters within that district or may have already signed and qualified another candidate.  We have provided you with 4 petition sheets with 25 lines on each page.  If you would like more, we would be happy to provide them to you upon request.  (City Charter [Sec.] 1004.  Nominations.)

  • Candidates running for Portland Water District must collect at least 100 voter signatures (but not more than 150) from registered voters in South Portland AND 35 voter signatures (but not more than 50) from Cape Elizabeth.  Candidates must check in with the Town Clerk in Cape Elizabeth for nomination packet information and deadline requirements in Cape Elizabeth. 

Petition Reminders & Requirements

  • A voter may only sign nomination papers for one candidate for each office per district, or two candidates when two at large seats are available.  (City Charter [Sec.] 1004.  Nominations.)
  • The petition circulator must witness the signature of each person who signs.  Circulators should not leave petitions in stores, businesses, etc. to be picked up later.   Each circulator must fill out this form on the back of the petition sheets they circulated.  The circulator must sign the sheet in the presence of a notary.  This can be done in the Clerks’ Office free of charge. 
  • It is unlawful to sign another person’s name to a petition (this includes the signature of one’s spouse).
  • The Clerks’ Office strongly recommends that candidates do not wait until the deadline to turn in petitions.  If there should be a problem with the petitions, there may not be enough time for the candidate to correct the problem.

Campaign Finance Reporting

Maine Election Law requires municipal candidates in cities and towns with a population of 15,000 or more to disclose their campaign contributions and expenditures, to comply with contribution limitations and prohibitions, and to meet other requirements of the law.   In South Portland, every candidate must register with the Clerk before accepting any campaign contributions or making any campaign expenditures.  Please review the "Municipal Candidates Guide" for more information.  Registration forms are included in your nomination packet, and must be returned with your nomination paperwork even if you choose to exempt from collecting or spending campaign finances. If you choose to accept or spend campaign funds, you must file reports with the Clerk's office.  

For more information and forms regarding campaign finance, please visit the Maine Ethics Commission website here:

Campaign Signs

Campaign signs (placed in Public Rights of Way)Campaign signs must clearly and conspicuously state that the communication has been authorized and must clearly state the name of the person who made or financed the expenditure.  (See Ch. 8 of the 2019 Municipal Candidates Guide, "Campaign Communications & Disclosure Statements")

Please also review the “Political Signs in Public Rights of Way” communication from the Maine Department of Transportation.

Signs may not be posted on public property within 250 feet of the polling locations on election day.  Signs that are illegally posted will be removed.