The City is following all of the State & CDC recommendations and requirements regarding business operations. Businesses are required follow the checklists provided on the Maine DECD website.  Please visit: 

Business License Applications

NOTE TO NEW BUSINESSES/NEW OWNERS:  Please be sure to speak to the Licensing Administrator before submitting a license application to ensure you are applying for all of the correct licenses for your business.  The City does not license every type of business. 

Business owners may download the following fillable form application(s) appropriate for their business and email the completed application to or fax to (207) 767-7620 (Attn: Licensing Administrator).   A completed application is due every year along with payment.  Please be sure to attach any required information (i.e., proof of insurance, State license, floor plan, etc) with your application.   Checks may be made out to City of South Portland and mailed to City Clerk, Attn: Licensing Administrator, 25 Cottage Road, South Portland, ME 04106.  Please do not mail cash.  (We currently do not offer a way for businesses to pay their licenses fees online.  This is a feature we hope to implement in the future.)  

Once the application is received, applications typically take two weeks to obtain all required approvals.  Once processed, your license will be mailed to the address on file.  Licenses are not able to be issued the same day the application is received. 

Farmer's Market Vendors
New vendors should contact Caitlin Jordan, Market Manager, with all details of your business prior to submitting an application to the City of South Portland.    Caitlin can be reached at or (207) 799-7743.

Looking for an event permit application?

Business License Applications

File Name Date Added File Size
Adult Use Establishment FILLABLE.pdf 4/5/2018 115.67 KB
Adult Use Marijuana Establishment Application.pdf 4/27/2021 243.45 KB
Automobile Graveyard-Junkyard FILLABLE.pdf 4/5/2018 109.15 KB
Automobile Service Center FILLABLE.pdf 3/23/2018 102.51 KB
Automobile Used Car Lot - FILLABLE.pdf 3/23/2018 120.51 KB
Bottle Club License FILLABLE.pdf 4/5/2018 274.18 KB
Car Wash (For Profit) FILLABLE.pdf 3/23/2018 73.09 KB
Certificate of Public Convenience FILLABLE.pdf 4/5/2018 143.70 KB
Coin-Operated Game Machine License FILLABLE.pdf 4/20/2018 259.78 KB
Farmers' Market Vendor FILLABLE.pdf 3/23/2018 180.98 KB
Flea Market Operator FILLABLE.pdf 3/23/2018 57.70 KB
Flea Market Vendor FILLABLE.pdf 3/23/2018 53.97 KB
Food License - No Alcohol FILLABLE.pdf 3/23/2018 794.86 KB
Food License - With Alcohol FILLABLE.pdf 5/2/2019 1,702.66 KB
Games of Chance License FILLABLE.pdf 3/23/2018 199.09 KB
Going Out of Business Sale FILLABLE.pdf 3/23/2018 54.88 KB
Hazardous and Flammable Liquids FILLABLE.pdf 3/23/2018 99.21 KB
Lodging Establishment FILLABLE.pdf 3/23/2018 267.09 KB
Massage Combined Therapist-Establishment - FILLABLE.pdf 3/23/2018 65.12 KB
Massage Establishment - FILLABLE.pdf 3/23/2018 62.55 KB
Massage Therapist - FILLABLE.pdf 4/5/2018 273.44 KB
Pawnbroker License FILLABLE.pdf 3/23/2018 68.66 KB
Secondhand Dealer FILLABLE.pdf 3/23/2018 267.06 KB
SHORT TERM RENTAL Application 2019.pdf 8/23/2019 849.10 KB
Special Amusement Permit FILLABLE.pdf 3/23/2018 245.22 KB
Taxi Driver License FILLABLE.pdf 4/5/2018 34.69 KB
Taxicab License FILLABLE.pdf 3/23/2018 31.79 KB
Theater License FILLABLE.pdf 3/23/2018 43.87 KB
Towing & Wrecker License - FILLABLE.pdf 4/5/2018 559.62 KB
Transfer Station License FILLABLE.pdf 3/23/2018 31.80 KB
Trucking, Refuse Removal License FILLABLE.pdf 3/23/2018 294.08 KB
Use of Public Sidewalk FILLABLE.pdf 4/9/2018 154.98 KB
Vendor - Christmas Trees FILLABLE.pdf 3/23/2018 303.47 KB
Vendor - Temporary Door to Door and Fixed FILLABLE.pdf 3/23/2018 80.19 KB