Alternative Formats

The City of South Portland Bus Service (SPBS) is committed to making the electronic technologies we deploy accessible to individuals with disabilities.  The Bus Service’s work on accessible design is continuous and we welcome feedback on improving the accessibility features of our website. Every attempt has been made to provide files in accessible formats such as braille, large print and WCAG 2.0 AA compliant.

Route, Schedule & Other Information

SPBS offers many alternatives for getting route and schedule information.  Below is a list of options.

  • Persons with visual disability may obtain route and schedule information by calling (207) 767-5556 to speak with a dispatcher.
  • TTY, TRS and CapTec services are available by calling 711 from any telephone. 
  • Click here for route and schedule rack cards, which are WCAG 2.0 compliant .
  • Upon request, route and schedules can be provided in Braille and/or large print format.
  • Click here for text-reader ready access to regional realtime transit tracking information for SBPS, Casco Bay Lines ferry service and Metro Bus.
  • Onboard, drivers will assist disabled individuals with wheelchair access and audible stop announcements.

If you need to request these documents or an alternative version of other files posted on this site, please contact Rick Sargent  and provide as much information as you can about the document, its location, and your specific needs.

Third Party Viewers

Some of the files linked on this site are in Adobe Acrobat PDF, Microsoft Word, and Microsoft Excel formats. You can download the viewers for these file types at these locations:

Text Size

This site is best viewed in Microsoft Internet Explorer 7+. To assist low/impaired vision users of this site, the following steps will walk you through changing the text size on your computer using these browsers. These steps will allow you to permanently change the default text size settings in your browser window so that you will not have to enlarge the text each time you visit a site.

Please Note: Changing the text size may adversely affect the screen layout.

Firefox 1.0

To temporarily increase your font size:
From the Firefox menu bar select View, then Text Size, and choose Increase.  This will cause the text to display on the web page one size larger. However this is a temporary change.

To make a permanent font size change: 
From the Firefox menu bar, select Tools, then Options. Click on General and then on Fonts & Colors. Set the font sizes here.

Firefox (Version 1.7 and greater on PC)

From the menu bar, select Tools, then Options, then click the Content panel. Under the Fonts & Colors section, adjust the settings to your preference.  There is also an Advanced button for additional choices and customization.

Microsoft Internet Explorer (Version 5x and greater)

From the menu bar select View, then Text Size, and choose a suitable text size.

You can choose from five sizes: largestlargermediumsmallersmallest. The default setting is medium.

More information on accessibility options for this browser can be found on Microsoft's Internet Explorer 6 Step by Step Tutorials[external link].

Netscape (Version 5x and greater)

From the menu bar select View, then Text Zoom and choose a suitable text size. You can choose a percentage of the original size. The default setting is 100%.


page updated 2/6/18