Address: 41 Thomas Street
(located in back of City Hall)

Phone: (207) 767-7604

Fax: (207) 347-3062


 Hours: Monday - Thursday 7:30 AM - 5:00 PM

Friday - CLOSED

Office Staff     


Brent Martin,  Assessor, CMA-4
Andrew Kriger, Appraiser, CMA
Lena Reichardt, Appraiser, CMA
Amanda Anderson, Appraiser, CMA
Tracy London, Assistant to Assessor

The Assessor's Office is responsible for the valuation of all property in South Portland including real estate.  The total taxable valuation of real estate for 2023/24 is $5,066,653,250.00. The total taxable valuation of personal property is $414,569,700.00. The total valuation of South Portland is $5,481,222,950.00.

Annually, the Assessor's Office reviews valuations and makes adjustments to the valuations that include any additions and deletions.  The department is also responsible for maintaining accurate records of property ownership.

In addition to these and other duties, the Assessor's Office is responsible for processing exemptions for homestead, veterans and widows of veterans.

The Assessor's Office is a clearing house of information such as building and land records, monthly sales transactions and assessment valuation information used by other City departments, the public, and their representatives (appraisers, brokers, attorneys, surveyors, title companies, etc.). Reports are often generated from the commitment file for use by various city departments, as well as the office being the source of addresses for public hearing notification.  Computer reports containing various assessment and ownership information can be purchased for a reasonable fee.


General Tax Information:

Assessment Date: April 1st

Commitment Date: July 25th

Fiscal Tax Year: July 1st - June 30th

2023-2024 Tax Rate: $14.14 per thousand.


Quarterly Payment Dates:

August 24th, 2023

November 16th, 2023

February 22nd, 2024

May 16th, 2024


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