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Earl Richards
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Marilyn Reilly
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Melinda Timpf - MAWSS Plains Circuit Ruling
Eben Rose

Documents from the 03-04-14 Meeting

 Documents from the 03-20-14 Meeting

 Documents from the 03-27-14 Meeting

 Documents from the 04-16-14 Meeting

 Documents from the 04-03-14 Meeting


Responses to Request for Information:

Bill Sousa, CITGO
Curtis Bohlen - Casco Bay Estuary Partnership

Communications from Jamie Py, Maine Energy Marketers Association:

Cover Letter
NAS TRB Special Report 311: Effects of Diluted Bitumen on Crude Oil Transmission Pipelines
Oil Sands Fact Check website
Final Environmental Impact Statement for the Proposed Keystone XL Project

Communication from Bruce Yates - Global
Communication from Emily Figdor (Environment Maine)
Communication from Peter J. Blanchard - Maine DEP
Communication from Protect South Portland
Communication from Karen Sanford
Communication from Melinda Timpf
Communications from Philip Weyenberg
Communication from Matthew T. Durand - Gulf Oil
Dylan Voorhees and Carly Andersen - Natural Resource Council of Maine (See below for additional material provided by NRCM)


Air Quaility Impacts

SoPo VOC sources (Excel Spreadsheet)

Increased Tanker and Affiliated Vessel Traffic

Fraser River Tanker Traffic Study Background and FAQs Fraser River Tanker Traffic Study Full Report NOAA Technical Memorandum - Transporting Alberta Oil Tanker Technology - Limiations of Double Hulls VTRA Report - Assessment of Oil Spill Risk due to Potential Increased Vessel Traffic at Cherry Point

Water Quality Impacts

Fate Behavior and Modeling of Spilled Oil Sands Products Response Technologies for Oil Sands Products _ Enbridge Oil Spill Case Study (Kalamazoo) Susceptibility of Diluted Bitumen Products from the Alberta Tar Sands to Sinking in Water


Accufacts Report on Pipeline Safety for Enbridge's Line 9B Application to NEB 9b-safety-report-2013-08 Air Pollution and Greenhouse Gas Emissions from International Shipping ITOPF Oil Spills and Statistics NRDC Tar Sands Pipeline Safety Risks (2.2011) Study of shipping GHG emissions (IMO 2009)

Physical Infrastructure

John Zink Hamworthy ACE Emission Control System John Zink Hamworthy Marine Vapor Emissions Control Unit


 Regulatory and Statutory Issues

CRS Proposed Keystone XL Pipeline - Legal Issues 


Supplemental Submission from NRCM 03-20-14

Cover Letter
Northern Gateway Application TERMPOL Surveys and Studies - Site Plans and Technical Data
Northern Gateway Pipelines TERMPOL Surveys and Studies - Cargo Transfer and Transhipment Systems
SELECT (Marine Terminal Infrastructure) B3-12Vol6B-MarineTerminalESAPart1of4

 Supplemental Submission from NRCM 03-25-14
Supplemental Submission from NRCM 04-30-14 - 2014 ALA State of the Air

06-25-14 DEP Response to DOC 04-30-14 Supplemental Information Request


Other Documents:

Cornell - GLI_Impact-of-Tar-Sands-Pipeline-Spills
CRS - Keystone XL Pipeline Project-key issues - R41668_20131202
Heavy Oil and Tar Sands
Vermont JO Decision Sept 23 2013
MathPro Study - ICCT_Refinery_GHG_Study_Proj_Report_April 2013
1999-07-24 Presidential Permit Copy
DOC Supplemental Information Request to DEP 04-30-14



DOC Working Documents

04-24-14  Meeting Notes - Final
04-29-14  Meeting Action Items
05-07-14  DRAFT Air Emissions Regulatory Summary

05-15-14  Russ Pierce Draft Memo
05-29-14  Mahoney proposed language 05-27-14
05-29-14  Mahoney proposed preamble 05-27-14
05-29-14  Whereas - Pierce 05-27-14
05-29-14  Whereas Clauses - Conathan 05-27-14
05-29-14  Whereas and findings draft - Critchfield 05-27-14
05-29-14  DRAFT - DOC language 05-28-14
05-29-14  Draft updates - Critchfield 05-29-14