On August 21, 2017, the City Council approved the creation of the Senior Citizen Advisory Committee.   This ad-hoc committee is in the process of forming its membership base, and has the following goals over the next 16 months:

1. Conducting a needs assessment of those aged 65+ in South Portland

2. Identifying current programs in place that meet the needs of seniors

3. Identify gaps between needs and available services and determine partnerships and options that could meet these needs

4. Develop a comprehensive strategy for communicating to our seniors the programs available to them

5. Delivering recommendations to the City Council. 


Councilor Maxine Beecher   

Councilor Susan Henderson  

 Elizabeth Ross-Holmstrom

 Adele Edelman 

 Cathy McDonald 

 Sheila Szafran 

 Meredith Tipton 

 Linda Best  

 Joan Herzog

 Kathleen Babeu, Director of Social Services


Senior Citizen Advisory Committee

File Name Date Added File Size
South Portland Senior Survey DRAFT 1 9-4-17.pdf 9/20/2017 361.01 KB
survey distribution tree-rev 0.pdf 9/20/2017 90.16 KB
Sept 12, 2017 Minutes.pdf 9/15/2017 20.54 KB
Sept 21-Agenda for Ad Hoc Senior Advisory Committee Meeting.pdf 9/15/2017 8.41 KB
SENIORS-health-Aging process-mayo clinic.pdf 9/11/2017 45.42 KB
Sept 12 Agenda for Ad Hoc Senior Advisory Committee Meeting (003).pdf 9/8/2017 12.00 KB
Request for Ad Hoc Senior Advisory Committee.pdf 9/6/2017 50.89 KB
PPH_Eves Initiative to Help Seniors Age in Place.pdf 9/6/2017 25.30 KB
Ideas to help seniors in Maine.pdf 9/6/2017 56.28 KB
The secret to cronic happiness as you age.pdf 9/6/2017 49.30 KB
Changes in the Body with Aging.pdf 9/6/2017 90.22 KB
BDN Opinion_Isolation Is An Epidemic Among Seniors.pdf 9/6/2017 47.46 KB
About the Eight Domains of Livability.pdf 9/6/2017 78.75 KB