Public Hearing notices are posted a week before the meeting at City Hall, the Planning Department office, the Public Library, the Community Center, and on this web site.


 Public Hearings

Solar Energy Ordinance

Warehouse, 1 Madison St.

McDonald's Drive Thru, 419 Gorham Rd

Storage Building, 1345 Highland Ave

Zone Map Change-Suburban Commercial District






Pending Applications

   Tentatively scheduled for March  28, 2017

  1.) Warehouse Storage, 1 Madison Ave.

  2.)  Solar Energy Ordinance

  3.)  McDonald's Drive-thru, 319 Gorham Rd.

  4.)  Storage Building, 1325 & 1345 Highland Ave  

  5.)  Zone Map and Text Amendment, Suburban Commercial District (CS)


  Currently under staff review

  1.) Hotel Development, 50 Maine Mall Rd.

  2.) Tru by Hilton Hotel, 363 Maine Mall Rd.

 3.)  Cultivation Facility, 25 Duck Pond Rd.

 4.)  Medical Office Building, 192 Western Ave.