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These are the applications required for Planning Board review. A pre-application meeting with the Site Planner is recommended before submitting an application. Contact the Planning Department (207-767-7603) for more information or to arrange for a meeting.

PLEASE NOTE: We now require three (3) complete copies of an application.

Applicant's signature must be in BLUE ink.

The following information must be included as part of your application. (Planning Board Reg. #1)

When a project is scheduled for a public hearing before the Planning Board, the Planning Department currently notifies all owners of property within 500’ of the lot being proposed for development. Please provide, as part of your application, a list of map and lot numbers of property within 500’ of the parcel under consideration. Be sure to use current, updated tax  maps.

You may download the applications in either Microsoft Word (.doc) or Adobe (.pdf)