On August 21, 2017, the City Council approved the creation of the Open Space Committee.   The mission of this committee is to create an Open Space Strategic Plan that will eventually be considered for adoption by the City Council.  This ad-hoc committee is in the process of forming its membership base.  


7.31.2018 ForumPoster.jpg


You are invited to take a survey:  SOUTH PORTLAND OPEN SPACE

The City of South Portland is developing an Open Space Strategic Plan and we need your help!

Open space generally includes areas such as parks, trails, beaches and forested areas. The survey will ask about how you currently use open space in South Portland and how the city might prioritize the preservation of open space in the future.

The survey will take less than 10 minutes.   Please click here to take the survey. 



Open Space Agendas & Minutes

File Name Date Added File Size
OSC Forum 07-31-18.pdf 7/16/2018 652.02 KB
OSC Agenda July 26 2018.pdf 7/16/2018 42.36 KB
Minutes SubComm 06-07-18.pdf 7/2/2018 51.88 KB
Minutes 06-28-18.pdf 7/2/2018 34.25 KB
Agenda 06-28-18.pdf 6/25/2018 56.49 KB
Planning subcomm agenda june 7 (003).pdf 6/1/2018 44.02 KB
Agenda May 05-07-18.pdf 5/17/2018 43.22 KB
Minutes - March 19, 2018.pdf 5/1/2018 91.02 KB
Minutes - April 26, 2018.pdf 4/30/2018 28.70 KB
Committee Meeting #1 March 19 2018 - Copy.pdf 4/27/2018 4,908.24 KB
Open Space Committee Agenda 04-26-18.pdf 4/23/2018 58.21 KB
Draft Agenda Open Space Committee Meeting 1.pdf 3/15/2018 39.17 KB
SP_OpenSpace_RFP_2017_rev2 from SPLT.pdf 9/20/2017 84.48 KB