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Assets and Ideas from Committee:  At the March 30 Committee Meeting, members were asked to provide their ideas for re-use of the site, along with a list of current neighborhood assets and the principles and values of the neighborhood. This document is a compilation of the feedback received


O'Neil Street Site Walk Conceptual Designs and Public Forum - June 20 2017 from SPC-TV on Vimeo.

On March 20, 2017 the City Council passed Order #154-16/17, appointing members to the O'Neil Street Facility Re-Use Planning Committee.

The Committee will carry out a public process that provides the City Council the necessary
input and information to make an informed decision regarding developing a re-use proposal(s) for the existing Public Works facility on O’Neil Street.

. The Committee objectives include:

  • Holding a series of productive and outcome-oriented meetings, where new relationships are formed, residents gain confidence in the process, and results are achieved in the determined timeframe

  • Working with City Staff and Sebago Technics to hold multiple public forums, and participating in those forums, to produce tangible feedback that will be used to inform the final recommendation(s)

  •  Assisting with public engagement in order to maximize the involvement of the public in the process; educating residents about the characteristics of the property, its challenges and opportunities, and communicating how redevelopment may occur

  • Using alternative methods of gathering public comments, and communicating with the public across multiple media throughout the process

  • Recommending and presenting between one and three options for the City Council to consider as they make their decision


Patti Smith
Barbara Dee
Linda Boudreau
Craig Piper
Steve Marston
Linden Thigpen
Sara Zografos
Harold Spetla
Josh Reny
Tex Haeuser