South Portland is providing information on effective stormwater solutions for small sites (less than one acre). This information is intended to help those are facing permit requirements under South Portland ordinance, as well as those who simply want to protect and improve the environment.

View a quick overview of all the stormwater systems.

Recommended for Everyone

Rain Gardens
Rain Barrels

Recommended for All Development Projects

These low-impact development (LID) concepts are excellent ways to protect water quality. They often to reduce project costs as well.
Reduce Impervious Surface
Downspout Disconnection
Soil Quality Restoration
Conserve or Add Natural Vegetation

Recommended for Drainage Plan Permit Seekers

Rain Gardens
Dripline Filters
Downspout Disconnection
Soil Quality Restoration

Recommended for Basic and Post-Construction Stormwater Management Plan Permit Seekers

Surface Soil Filter
Gravel Wetland
Subsurface Sand Filter
Rainwater Storage and Reuse
Pervious Pavement and Green Roofs
Certified Systems
Soil Quality Restoration

Disclaimer: This summary is for orientation purposes only, and is not a substitute for the South Portland Ordinance. When considering activities that relate to zoning, review the Ordinance language directly and contact the City with any questions.